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FXStockBroker Proprietary Trading Division

We are currently recruiting Prop Traders to trade with our capital.

FXStockBroker’s proprietary trading division is recruiting talented successful traders with Manual Technical Analysis, MT5 EA’s & Algorithms to trade Worldwide financial markets, whether it be forex, Crypto currencies, indices, stocks, commodities, options and ETF’s on our advanced trading platform.

Trade with 100% of our capital. Minimum trading account of USD$50,000 up to USD$100,000

The successful proven traders will have access to institutional grade liquidity through our Liquidity Hub with Direct Market Access to our co-located servers in London & Hong Kong.

We believe in the power of many is greater than the power of one. If you believe you have the experience, knowledge and skills or run HFT, Algorithms or MT5 EA models please contact us.

Power of Many Is Greater Than The Power Of One

  • FXStockBroker provides a minimum Prop Trading Funded account with USD$50,000 up to $100,000. The profit goal is 6% monthly return, max daily loss of 2%, maximum drawdown of 4%. The available markets to trade are Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto Cash & Equities. Minimum number of trading days is 10 Days per month with a 100% capital turnover. Trade remotely anywhere anytime.
  • The Profit Share split is 60% to the trader & 40% to FXStockBroker and investors. At the end of the month the profits are split and the account returns to the original funded balance. The trader has no risk from using our capital if the account losses funds.
  • You are able to open more than one account to hedge your positions and the same trading conditions apply.
  • If the trader has 3 months of consecutive profit the trader will qualify for a higher capital funded account.
  • How do we do it ? FXStockBroker has access to Capital Markets including Hedge Funds seeking a better return on capital. FXStockBroker aggregates all Prop Trading flow and hedges these positions into the market offsetting any major risk.
  • FXStockbroker provides a customized trading platform that includes forex, indices, stocks and commodities.  It also includes advanced analytics, technical data and indicators as well as advanced charts and a quality economic calendar.  As well as financial and market data reporting.  Low latency connectivity to exchanges, Liquidity Providers and risk management.  We provide over 6000 trading instruments with an average trade execution of .85 milliseconds.
  • FXStockbroker requires experienced qualified day traders with excellent analytical and technical skills to analyse intraday movements and market patterns.  Excellent fundamental understanding of markets and investment products.  Develop and maintain trading models as well as research new market opportunities and analyze market trends.  Highly energetic and motivated with a proven track record.
  • FXStockbroker is offering capital, technology and infrastructure.  A risk manager as well as highly competitive clearing rates.  Leveraged buying power subject to trading history and risk management. Performance based increase capital allocations are made if the trader exhibits consistent profitable growth.
  • Successful Traders have the ability to make  highly competitive commissions which are paid monthly.
  • FXStockBroker charges a monthly subscription fee of 1%. For example the trader has a $50,000 balance the monthly subscription is $500.  There is zero capital contribution & risk. The monthly fee covers the costs of the interest for Capital Borrowing and providing real time access to trading exchanges, trading platform. The fee can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or Crypto Currencies.
  • FXStockBroker provides Desk Top Trading MT5 platform and mobile.

For further information, please complete the following form and we will provide you with the application form.