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FXStockBroker Proprietary Trading Division

FXStockBroker’s proprietary trading division is recruiting talented traders to trade Worldwide financial markets, whether it be forex, indices, stocks, commodities, options and ETF’s on our advanced trading platforms.

We are currently recruiting Prop Traders to trade in our Malaysian, Thailand and Hong Kong offices trading with our capital.

We believe in the power of many is greater than the power of one. If you have the experience, knowledge and skills or run HFT, Algorithms or MT5 EA models please contact us.

Power of Many Is Greater Than The Power Of One

  • FXStockbroker provides a customized trading platforms that includes forex, indices, stocks, commodities, options and ETF’s.  It also includes advanced analytics, technical data and indicators as well as advanced charts and a quality economic calendar.  As well as financial and market data reporting.  Low latency connectivity to exchanges, Liquidity Providers and risk management.  We provide over 25000 trading instruments with an average trade execution of .85 milliseconds.
  • FXStockbroker requires experienced qualified day traders with excellent analytical and technical skills to analyse intraday movements and market patterns.  Excellent fundamental understanding of markets and investment products.  Develop and maintain trading models as well as research new market opportunities and analyze market trends.  Highly energetic and motivated with a proven track record.
  • FXStockbroker is offering capital, training, knowledge, technology, infrastructure and mentorship.  A risk manager as well as highly competitive clearing rates.  Leveraged buying power subject to trading history and risk management. Performance based increase capital allocations are made if the trader exhibits consistent profitable growth.
  • A highly competitive commission paid monthly to successful candidates.

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